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FFP2 (P2) Respirator Mask

  • Name FFP2 (P2) Respirator Mask
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FFP2 (P2) - Filters at least 94% of airborne particles. Model number SK-202 with nanofiber.


  • ✅ FFP3 (P3) Dust Mask - Filters at least 99% of airborne particles. SK-302 respirators comply with the Directive 89/686/EEC - personal protective equipment and the European standard EN149:2001 and have EU conformity certificates. Universal size, easy to use. No prior training or handling needed.

  • ✅ Our respirator mask has no foreign glue smell. The material adjacent to the face is made of 100% pure cotton. Light weight, compact size, easy to fold and carry in your pocket. It has good speaking capabilities which is extremely important for teamwork.

  • ✅ The safety blanket is made of nanofiber produced by electrospinning. Nanofiber interstices are 1000 times smaller than the human hair. It gives an excellent result while stopping even the smallest harmful particles. It also does not retain carbon dioxide when exhaled even without a special valve. The valve is not needed at all.

  • ✅ The main advantage of SK-302 respirators, compared to medical face masks and cheap masks without FFP classes, is that they are made of highly effective anti-aerosol filter material and allow you to protect yourself during epidemics from viruses and bacteria spread by airborne transmission.

  • ✅ All of our products are certified by OE 1437. Beware of fakes!



Filtering half mask SK against particles is designed for individuals to protect their respiratory organs against harmful, dangerous and highly dangerous aerosols (dust, fumes, mist, viruses, bacteria, etc.).

Filtering half mask type SK may be used in almost any area of industry, agriculture, everyday circumstances: welding works, building and repair works connected with the formation of dust or fog, boring, finishing of floors, working with glass wool; threshing; loading, screening, crushing and dispersion of various non volatile materials; tilling of dry soil with introduction of pesticides and fertilizers; haymaking, gathering dry leaves and rubbish; tending of cattle, sheepshearing; dry tiding of rooms and courtyards; cleaning of carpets, clothes, upholstered furniture; cutting of garments and fur articles; using of synthetic washing powders, bleachers, abrasive detergents, cement, dry construction mixtures, prevention from infectious diseases (influenza, acute respiratory diseases, etc.) transmitted by droplet infection, nursing the sick, epidemics, microbiological works, etc.


• Put on the half mask before entering the polluted area;

• Take the half mask from the package with clean hands;

• Straighten the obturator evenly:

1. Put on the half mask starting from the chin;

2. Press the plate on the bridge of the nose;

3. Connect on a nape the ends of straps, not pulling them;

4. Smooth an obturator of half mask to the face on all length.

• Take the half mask off in clean area not touching the inner surface with your hands.