Order Info

For German we have various option of arranging an order.

Place an order on Amazon.de

So as, to order goods in the online store Amazon.de, select the targeted product on our website and click on the "Order on Amazon" button. The benefits of such and order is that our goods are stored in Amazon warehouses in Germany, which increases the speed of goods shipping in several times, for example, German residents can get the goods within 24 hours. Also, Amazon has a "Prime" service. For new customers, this service is provided free of charge for 30 days, taking into account the subscription to this service, you can order the goods with free delivery, that means that with this service you receive the goods quickly and free of charge. After 30 days you can refuse a subscription or if you are satisfied with it you my get a paid subscription. For purposes of clarity about the system of prime we suggest you to follow this link.  You may perform payment on the Amazon.de website, you may choose all payment options at this link. We also advise you to have a look at rules of product refunds on the Amazon.de website.

Place an order on our website

So as to arrange a purchase on our website, you should add the necessary goods to the basket, proceed to the basket and arrange an order. At the "Goods shipment", you would be offered the best delivery options, and the delivery amount would be displayed.

Payment options

On Amazon.de:
- You can found all payment options at this link.

On our website:
- With a bank card (commission-free payment)
- PayPal

Product refunds

- When ordering a product on the Amazon.de website please note at an internal regulations of product refunds.
Information about the product refunds is on the Amazon.de

- When buying goods on the site, the following refunds regulations are working:

If the goods are damaged due to the delivery service: The damage must be immediately reported to the shipping company and all necessary documents are compiled, and then you must notify us within 3 days after receiving the goods about the damage which was caused.
All refundable goods must be authorized, that means, you have to inform us about the refund, unauthorized refunds are not accepted. To arrange a refund, please contact us by phone or email.
Within 14 days you can get back the goods without cause, but the goods must be in the original packaging, without damage and in the closed form. We accept refund only with fully paid shipping charges.